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Farmowners Questions
What is covered by a farmowners policy?
A farmowners policy protects both property and liability exposures on one policy. It is a unique blend of coverages created specifically for farms.
Can I insure any non-equine farm operations?
We have farmowners product for a variety of types of farm exposure. While we specialize in equine farms, we can cover dairy exposures and crop exposures to name a few examples.
Can I insure my tractors, truck, or other farm equipment?
Tractors, tractor accessories and other types of farm equipment can be insured under a farmowners policy. Trucks are NOT covered by a farmowners, and AEA does not offer commercial auto insurance policies at this time. 
Is liability coverage included on a farmowners policy?
Yes. General Liability is automatically included with a Farmowners policy. Care Custody and Control (CCC) coverage can be added to the Farmowners policy.
I need flood insurance on my property too. Can you help?
Absolutely. Advantage Equine is proud to partner with American Bankers Insurance Company to offer competitive rates for flood insurance policies (For more information on American Bankers, click here