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Liability coverage offers protection to an equine professional, and can be customized to cover a wide variety of operations: boarding of horses, riding lessons, breeding farms, horse sales, and riding clubs to name a few. These coverages ensure that your equine business has the protection that it needs. 

Horse owners who want to make sure that all of their legal bases are covered can also purchase a private horse-owners liability policy. Such a policy give you an affordable safeguard against any naughtiness your horse may get into. 

If you are unsure about the kind of coverage your operation's needs, please feel free to contact us
Care, Custody & Control (CCC)
Although all general liability policies offered by AEA include a range of limits, sometimes you need a higher aggregate limit than a standard policy can offer. The aggregate limit represents the total amount of money in claims that an insurance company will pay on a given policy. For most carriers, this is $2 million, but some insured need or want to carry a higher aggregate limit. In response to this need, we are pleased to offer a range of excess policies, which allow you to increase that aggregate limit. All of the liability and farmowners policies we offer have the option of adding an excess policy to your coverage, and we encourage you to speak with us to determine if it is right for your situation.
As its name suggests, CCC provides legal liability for any horses that you do not own that are in your care, custody, or control. For those operating a boarding, breeding, or training operation, CCC offers legal protection if the horses in your care suffer from injury or an accident. Your level of CCC coverage will depend on the number and value of horses under your supervision.
Therapeutic riding is powerful tool to help those with special needs connect with the world of horses. While these unique programs have the potential to touch lives, they also demand a unique type of liability insurance. AEA and our carriers are able to shape general liability coverages to meet the requirements of most therapeutic riding stables, and ensure that they have the protection they must have to continue their good work.
Therapeutic Riding
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