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What is mortality insurance?
Horse Mortality is a policy that protects an insured's specific financial loss when their horse dies, subject to certain exclusions. There are various endorsements available to add to the mortality policy to give your animal additional protection.
How do I know what the value of my horse is?
A horse's value is based on the purchase price but can be increased by submitting show records, breeding records or other information that substantiates the increase. Please contact us if you believe you have information that will affect the value of your horse.
What is "agreed value"?
"Agreed Value" means that the horses' value will be agreed upon at the inception of the policy, not at the time of a claim. You may be asked to provide proof of value before coverage is issued, which will based on the purchase price and any additional relevant information.
How long does it take to get insurance?
Coverage can be bound when all signed applications, health statements, vet exams (if needed), premiums/down payments, and any other required documents are received by our office.
What do I need to get my horse mortality insurance?
You will need an application, health statement, and the premium paid.  In some cases, a vet exam will be required instead of a health statement; contact us to discuss whether you will need a vet exam. If you are insuring your horse for more than the purchase price, you will need show or breeding records and other documents that substantiate the increase of value. 
When is a vet exam necessary?
Requirements for a vet exam vary depending on the insurance carrier. Factors that can affect this requirement include the age of the horse, the value of the horse, and the presence of pre-existing medical conditions. Contact us to discuss whether you will need a vet exam.