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Special Events
Whether you are club organizing a single horse show or an organization putting on an entire series of events, it is likely that you will be required by the owner of the premises to carry liability insurance through the duration of your event. Fortunately we are here to help. We offer coverage for single shows as well as show series that afford a high level of protection for a short window of time. With this coverage in place, you can be sure that the equine-related portion of your event are insured correctly. 
Directors and Officers (D&O) Coverage
For the directors and officers of large shows and riding clubs, something more comprehensive than a general liability policy is sometimes required. This is a D&O policy, which protects your personal assets from any suits directed at your organization. The policy is intended to cover you when acting as director or officer of a large organization; something the standard general liability policy typically does not cover. If you think that you and your fellow organizers could benefit from this type of policy, contact us to see if a D&O policy is right for you.