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Mortality insurance is an easy and effective way to safeguard the value of your horse. In essence, a mortality policy is a life insurance policy for horses. With mortality coverage, you can be reimbursed for the value or purchase price of your horse if the unthinkable should happen during the course of a year. With a mortality policy, you will likely be covered if your horse is lost due to accident, injury, fire, lightning, collision, wind, theft, or other perils.

Mortality coverage can be purchased for a wide variety of uses, breeds, and ages of horses. In addition, mortality coverage can also be purchased for show cattle and other types of exotic animals (Contact us for these special types of mortality coverage). With the right mortality coverage in place, you can protect yourself if tragedy strikes your animal.
Major Medical Endorsements
Another benefit of a mortality policy is that it allows you to purchase major medical coverage as well. If mortality coverage is a horse's life insurance policy, then a major medical endorsement acts as a health insurance policy. Major medical covers a portion of your horse's veterinary and surgical costs, provided that the ailment is not pre-existing. 

All mortality carriers offer a major medical endorsements, though each company offers slightly different major medical coverage. We encourage you to contact us and determine which combination of mortality coverage and major medical insurance is right for your horse. 
Surgical Endorsements
Some insurance carriers offer surgical endorsements that can be added to a mortality policy. A surgical endorsement will covers reasonable, necessary, and customary fees if your horse needs a surgical procedure. Unlike a major medical endorsement, a surgical endorsement will only cover charges stemming from a surgery, and cannot be applied to other medical expenses that are not related to surgery.

As with major medical, the terms and coverage of a surgical endorsement varies by carrier. If you are considering adding a surgical endorsement to your policy, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your options.  
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